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Without a moisture barrier, your floors may fall apart from water buildup. Save yourself money in the long run by hiring High Mileage Flooring. We offer moisture barrier installation and testing services in Bountiful, UT. Our certified, experienced experts will help you avoid an expensive problem with our affordable services.

Call 801-503-1423 now to discuss the moisture barrier installation services you need.
Take the first step toward better floors
If you need floor repair services, make sure to call us for moisture barrier installation or testing services. You'll learn if your floor is soaking up moisture. Then we can grind down the concrete as needed before installing a moisture barrier.

You may need moisture barrier installation services if your flooring is:
• Warped
• Discolored
• Covered in condensation

We'll work as quickly as we can to complete your moisture barrier installation so you can get floor repair services soon.
Call 801-503-1423 now for a free estimate on your project.

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