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If you're looking for a stunning and durable flooring option, consider luxury vinyl tile flooring. This type of flooring has become increasingly popular due to its affordability and easy maintenance. High Mileage Flooring provides LVT installation services for residents and business owners of Bountiful, UT.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles. This allows it to complement your home or business's décor seamlessly. It's also resistant to scratches, stains and water damage, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. Plus, an LVT installation project is a great choice for families with children or pets due to its comfortable feel.


Luxury vinyl tile flooring is incredibly easy for us to install. When you hire us for your project.

Demolish your old flooring.

Lay your new LVT floors.

Clean up any debris.

Or choose sheet vinyl, which is perfect for school gymnasiums. Let us know your preferences when you speak with a team member today.


Call 801-503-1423 to learn more about all of our vinyl service options today.

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